Announcing the New Home of Feminist Formations: Editor Sandra K. Soto Passes the Editorship to Patti Duncan

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We're proud to announce that on August 15, 2016, Feminist Formations transitions to Oregon State University under the new editorship of Patti Duncan. Patti is Associate Professor and Coordinator of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University where she specializes in women of color feminisms, transnational feminisms, queer studies, feminist media studies, and motherhood studies. She earned her PhD in Women’s Studies at Emory University, and she is the author of Tell This Silence: Asian American Women Writers and the Politics of Speech (Univ. of Iowa Press, 2004), co-producer/director of the documentary film, Finding Face (2009), and co-editor of Mothering in East Asian Communities: Politics and Practices (Demeter Press, 2014). Her work has been published in Women’s Studies Quarterly, Frontiers: A Journal of Women’s Studies, The Journal of the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement (JMI), and Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture, and Social Justice, as well as many anthologies. Her current research focuses on narratives of rescue, migration, and motherhood in the global South. 

Sandra K. Soto has been the editor of Feminist Formations since August 2011 (co-editor with Adela Licona for 2011–12) at the University of Arizona. When she inherited the journal five years ago, it was still undergoing a transition from its place as the National Women's Studies Association Journal (NWSAJ) to its own entity, and Sandy was influential in overhauling its significance in the field. The Arizona editorial team's vision revitalized everything from the journal's aesthetic to submissions, from special issue topics to the very culture of the journal. Join us as we celebrate our ongoing vitality as a feminist publication and welcome the editorial vision of Patti Duncan.

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Call for Nominations: Feminist Formations Editorship

The Editorial Board of Feminist Formations is seeking a new editorial team and a new home for our journal for a five-year commitment to begin fall semester 2016. Feminist Formations, currently housed in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Arizona and edited by Sandra Soto, cultivates a forum where feminists from around the world interrogate research, theory, activism, teaching, and learning, thereby showcasing new feminist formations.

An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal, Feminist Formations publishes innovative work by scholars, activists, and practitioners in feminist, gender, and sexuality studies. Our subject matter includes national, global, and transnational feminist thought and practice; the cultural and social politics of genders and sexualities; and historical and contemporary studies of gendered experience. The journal values established and emerging lines of inquiry and methods that engage the complexities of gender as implicated in forms of power such as race, ethnicity, class, nation, migration, ability, and religion.

Feminist Formations was originally founded in 1988 as the NWSA Journal and is published three times annually by Johns Hopkins University Press (JHUP), an organization that has a long record in the publication of distinguished scholarship. The journal is available both in print and on Project MUSE. The editorial team at Feminist Formations has developed a strong collaborative relationship with JHUP. Through that relationship, JHUP has proven supportive, professional, and innovative as the publisher of Feminist Formations and is prepared to support a new team to continue to promote the journal and attract a broad readership. JHUP’s financial support also enables employment of a managing editor and editorial assistant to assist the editor with everyday operations. Former host institutions include University of Minnesota, The Ohio State University, University of New Hampshire, Appalachian State University, Iowa State University, and Louisiana State University. Feminist Formations is independently incorporated, and is supported both by publication revenue and the host institution.

The Editorial Board of Feminist Formations is excited about the future with good reason.  The journal is in a strong financial position and outstanding intellectual health. Its reputation is growing, resulting in greater submissions and higher quality publications.  The current editorial team is committed to supporting both the transition process and the on-going success of the journal. We are undertaking a two-step process in securing a new editor: (1) Nominations, and (2) Full Proposals.

Nominations (due January 16, 2015)

We welcome self-nominations from feminist scholars interested in assuming the editorship. Please submit a letter of interest and CV to Jill Bystydzienski ( no later than January 16, 2015. Letters of interest should be no longer than one page and indicate why the potential editor/editorial team would like to house the journal at their institution. Nominees should be tenured faculty either housed in or affiliated with women’s and/or gender and sexuality studies or in a related field. They should have interdisciplinary expertise in feminist studies, and be committed to the mission of the journal.

We also welcome nominations of other feminist scholars whom nominees think we should invite to apply. Please send an email to Jill Bystydzienski ( no later than December 15, 2014 with contact information for the nominee and indicate why this person would make a strong editor of Feminist Formations.

The selection committee, comprised of Editorial Board members, will review the nomination letters by February 16, 2015. A short list of candidates will be invited to submit a full proposal.

Full Proposals (due May 15, 2015)

Full proposals should include a budget and indicate support from the host institution for resources such as course releases and office space. A successful proposal must demonstrate institutional and administrative support (including both financial and in-kind resources) as well as substantial faculty commitment to publishing the journal.

Proposals for the editorship must reflect an understanding of, and commitment to, the field of interdisciplinary feminist scholarship and the contributions that Feminist Formations has made shaping that field. Each proposal must also articulate a vision for the journal’s future. In addition, each proposal will be evaluated in terms of the proposed editor’s (or co-editors’) academic qualifications, publishing experience, and overall abilities to work with a diverse group of interdisciplinary and discipline-based scholars across the humanities, social sciences, and feminist science studies.

Queries for more specific information are encouraged to the present editor, Sandra Soto ( or to Jill Bystydzienski, Editorial Board president ( Members of the Editorial Board will review the proposals and expect to select the new editor(s) by fall 2015.

Editors Speak at NWSA

Feminist Formations Editor Sandra K. Soto (third from left) and Managing Editor Erin Durban-Albrecht (third from right) joined editors from Feminist TeacherFrontiersFeminist Studies, and SIGNS for a lively discussion on “Academic Publishing in Women’s Studies” at the 2012 National Women’s Studies Association conference in Oakland.

NWSA Conference

Feminist Formations Symposium y Pachanga

Cake cuttingOn Sept. 6, 2012, the journal held a symposium and launch party at the University of Arizona’s Poetry Center. More than 200 people came to celebrate the release of the first journal issue since the University of Arizona editorial team fully took over the publication in August 2011. The events featured welcoming remarks by Editor Sandra K. Soto and editorial board president Jill Bystydzienski, Chair and Professor, Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, The Ohio State University.

Book Review Editor Nana Osei-Kofi moderated a panel on “Race, Affect, and Transnational Traffic in Women” featuring Feminist Formations author Roxana Galusca from the University of Chicago and Heidi J. Nast from DePaul University. Finally, poets Niki Herd and Natalie Diaz read some of their selections. Herd was featured in the inaugural “Poesía” section (24.2) and Diaz’s work appeared in 24.3.

Symposium 1 Symposium 2
Symposium 3 Symposium 4


After the symposium, the attendees enjoyed a reception featuring a very special cake. Visit the journal’s Facebook page to see more photos from the event.

Feminist Formations Editor Joins Podcast

Feminist Formations held a special event at the University of Arizona in early September to celebrate the release of the first journal issue since the new editorial team fully took over the publication. Feminist Formations, which is publishing its 24th volume, moved from the University of Minnesota to the University of Arizona last year. Editor Sandra K. Soto, Associate Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies at Arizona, welcomed staff from JHUP to Tucson for the event and talked about the celebration and the journal’s future.

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