2022 General Call For Papers

Feminist Formations invites submissions that reflect the journal’s mission to cultivate a forum where feminists from around the world articulate research, theory, activism, teaching, and learning.   

An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal, we publish innovative work by scholars, activists, artists, poets and practitioners in feminist, gender, and sexuality studies. Our subject matter includes national, global, and transnational feminist thought and practice; the cultural and social politics of genders and sexualities; and historical and contemporary studies of gendered experience. The journal values established and emerging lines of inquiry and methods that engage the complexities of gender as implicated in forms of power such as race, ethnicity, class, nation, migration, ability, and religion.

We are particularly interested in cutting-edge feminist work in the following areas:

BIPOC Feminisms • Asian and Asian American Feminisms • Pacific Islander/Oceanic Feminisms • Black Feminisms • Borderlands Studies • Chicanx/Latinx/Chicane/Latine Feminisms • Critical Ethnic Studies • Critical Youth Studies • Critical Geography • Cultural Studies • Disability Justice and Crip Feminisms • Indigenous Feminisms • Performance Studies • Posthuman Studies • Public Scholarship • Queer of Color Critique • Queer Theory • Feminist Affect Theory • Rhetoric • Trans Feminisms • Transnational Feminisms • Visual Cultures


Submission Deadline: January 1, 2023

For any questions about the journal in general or about submitting, please feel free to contact the Editorial Assistant, Miranda Findlay, at feministformations@oregonstate.edu.

Submissions should be prepared in the following manner:   

  • Check to make sure that your manuscript falls within the Feminist Formations guidelines of 8,000-11,000 words. The word count includes notes.  
  • Anonymize: remove all identifying information from the document, and document 'headers.' The exception is the cover page, which should contain the author’s institutional affiliation and contact information (i.e. postal address, phone number, and e-mail address).    
  • Submit your complete manuscript through the Feminist Formations Submittable in three files as follows:  1st file) Cover page in the text box provided;  2nd file) Abstract and keywords to be anonymized and uploaded;  3rd file) Complete manuscript, including the abstract and keywords.  Files must be in Word .doc (NOT .docx or .rtf)
  • Follow the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) 17 ed. author-date system with parenthetical citations. All text, including quotations, must be double-spaced.