NWSA is near!

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NWSA is fifteen days away! The editorial staff for Feminist Formations will attend various sessions throughout the conference, but come and get your publishing questions answered at the panel: Academic Publishing in Women’s Studies: Journals on Saturday, November 18th from 1:45 – 3pm in Hilton Baltimore, Johnson B. Our editor, and newly elected NWSA Secretary, Dr. Patti Duncan, will be there to answer all your publishing questions!

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An interview with Deborah Cohler, guest editor of a recent Feminist Formations special issue on Homefront Frontlines

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Feminist Formations: Why was the topic of "Homefront Frontlines" important to you, and how did you come to this topic?

Deborah Cohler: Homefront Frontlines captures the constant interplay between ideas of war and peace, safety and danger. The "homefront" is a deeply gendered construct, one that I have been working on for much of my career.

I came to this specific topic first when organizing session for the 2012 National Women's Studies Association conference. Then, a decade...

Poesía by Alli Warren

From Feminist Formations 28.2


Did Cavewomen Come

           after Stephen Rodefer

at the start of the century
the radio recruited me
into relational self-shattering

the radio was still the radio

come with me my love
through the sea
the unimpeachable sea

is all understanding a private feeling?
is receptivity redemptive?

everything that goes to make up the air

“what its being asked makes happen”

the tone bearing thrust
the song and its mouth
the coin and its mint

conflating structures of knowledge
with structures of vision

peep holes
at the bulbs

A Feminist Formations Critical Response: Scholars and Activists Reflect on the Aftermath of the Election

Response from Dr. Brenda Weber, Professor and Chair of Gender Studies at Indiana University

Like so many – the majority – of people in this country, I have been saddened and heartsick since the election.  I’m leaning now on the support and wisdom of other leaders, who have figured out effective methods for fighting the good fight:  Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock, the Sanctuary Movement.  

So here, I don’t have great inspirational words to share.  I only want to say this:  Many of us are deeply blue faculty or students who work in deeply red states.  Because of this,...

Queer Studies in Feminist Formations: A Symposium


Oragsmology Symposium.jpg

Queer Studies in Feminist Formations: A Symposium

September 30th and October 1st, 2016
Coffman Memorial Union
University of Minnesota

Please join us for a two-day symposium celebrating the launch of the Feminist
Formations dossier on Annamarie Jagose’s book, Orgasmology.

Schedule of Events:


1:30pm – 3:00pm
“A Feminist Formations Conversation: On the Orgasmology Dossier” with Robyn Wiegman, Annamarie Jagose, Kadji Amin, and Sandra K. Soto
Coffman Theater

3:00pm – 3:45pm
Coffman Theater Annex

4:00pm – 5:30pm

Institutional Feelings: Practicing Women’s Studies in the Corporate University (Feminist Formations, 27.3, Winter 2015)

By Jennifer C. Nash and Emily A. Owens

The term corporate university —and a host of other terms that have developed to describe this institutional moment, including neoliberal university and academic-industrial complex—fails to do justice to what Kathleen Stewart (2007, 4) describes as the “situation we find ourselves in.” The articles in this special issue explore how the corporate university and its attendant formations, including adjunctification, debt, precarity, graduate certificate programs, study abroad programs, or the MA factory, feel, and how they make themselves felt in myriad quotidian ways. This special issue, then, is oriented toward an ethic of specificity...